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Terrance - Bridge Clinic Patient

Terrance talks about the support staff at the Bridge Clinic provide him as he navigates life in recovery

Dawn Williamson – Advanced Practice Nurse

Dawn shares her experience caring for patients with substance use disorder in the Mass General Emergency Department.

Mark – Bridge Clinic Patient

Mark shares his own personal story of addiction and recovery.

Emily – Bridge Clinic Patient

Emily speaks about how she developed a substance use disorder and about her experience getting care in the MGH Bridge Clinic.

Anthony – West End Clinic

Anthony describes how he achieved recovery from substance use disorder with the help of the West End Clinic.

Dr. Laura Kehoe, Medical Director of the MGH Bridge Clinic, and Dr. Nalan Ward, Medical Director of the MGH West End Clinic

Dr. Kehoe and Dr. Ward describe why addiction is a chronic, treatable disease and what the Bridge Clinic and West End Clinic are doing to help patients recover.